The structure of non-academic instruction is based on socio-cultural setting of the individual and universally accepted value system and code of conduct so that the individual is able to achieve the long term broad goals of adequate and fruitful adjustment.


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Scouting and Guiding is a youth movement started by Lord Baden Powel, a Lt Col in the British Army. During the Boer war in S Africa Baden Powel Successfully defended the town of Mafeking in a siege even though his troops were vastly out-numbered. He used local boys to ad- minister first aids, send messages and run errands. On his return to the UK he realized that boys at home could benefit from the sorts of activities similar to those performed by boys in Africa. With this idea in mind he planned an eight day camp. On 1st August 1907, 20 boys pitched their tents on the Brown sea island, little realizing that their enterprise would set the foundation of a world youth movement.

Soon after his experimental camp he published an advisory manual for existing scout groups, but it immediately became the handbook of the movement that was to spread and become world scouts and guides movement. In 1910, with the help of Sister Agnes, Guiding was launched to meet the increasing demand from girls wanting to join in.  By the time Lord Baden Powel died in 1941, scouting had grown into an international movement.

Scouting in India started in 1909, but as separate organizations set up by different nationalist leaders. Girls Guiding in India took a start in 1911. After independence, on 7th Nov 1950 the differ- ent groups merged to form a single organisation. In 1951 the Girls Guide joined in and the Bharat Scouts and Guides came in to existence.

         The Bharat Scouts and Guides is a non-formal value-based educational movement recognized by the government of India and patronised by the ministry of youth and sports affairs. Its purpose is to promote all-round development of young people and help them to become useful members of the society.

some of the major objectives of the bsg are:

  1. Promote empathy and feeling of brother- hood.

  2. Develop leadership qualities.

  3. Promote self-discipline and self-reliance.

  4. Develop loyalty and patriotism.

  5. Character building.

  6. Service to others.

  7. Develop spirit of teamwork.

  8. Develop awareness about changes in nature.

  9. Maintain healthy body and mind.

  10. Promote love for adventure.

the methods and processes used in bsg are:

  1. Learning by doing.

  2. Teamwork.

  3. Games and Activities.

  4. Patrol System.

The BSG offers ample opportunities for  aspir-  ants to win state, national and international level awards and over a 100 proficiency badges. Among the awards, the Rashtrapati Puraskar, the Prime Minister’s Shield and the Rajya Puraskar are the most coveted.

The present generation child is under pressure to be programmed into ‘A cog in a Machine’ with bookish knowledge. Cracking exams has become the sole ambition of all. Life – Skills and human values are being compromised for intellectual pursuit. The practice of assisting in house hold chores by children is no more seen. The quality and quantity of play and out-door activities have drastically deteriorated. As a result, when children grow up they become more and more dependent on others for their own well-being. This is a distressing sign. The future generation is at the threshold of becoming super computer but without the soul.

With a view to foster a harmonious and integrated development of the child’s personality, APS Umroi Mil Stn has introduced Scouting and Guiding for students of 10 years and above this year (2018).Two teachers were deputed to undergo basic training as Scoutmaster and Guide Captain from 21st to 27th May 2018 organized by Meghalaya Bharat Scouts and Guides at the State Headquarter Shillong . Scout and Guide units have been set up and registered under Meghalaya Bharat Scouts and Guides. So far 24 Scouts and 30Guides have been enrolled and their formal training as per the Scouts and Guides syllabus



An Investiture Ceremony of Scouts and Guides of the newly established APS group was held on 10th Sep 2018, with W Lyngdoh, the Joint State Secretary of Meghalaya Bharat Scouts and Guides and Chairman Brig. Anil Chandel 24 Mtn Bde, gracing the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.

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