A Resource Room was set up at APS, Umroi Mil Stn in the month of April 2019 to facilitate the children with special needs in learning effectively and in a meaningful way. A market survey was carried out after seeking advice from various experts of North Eastern Regional Institute of Education and Bethany Society, Shillong for procurement of Resource Room aids. Various workshops and training sessions were organised to train the teachers for handling the Resource Room Aids and to facilitate Inclusive Education.


In pursuant with the instruction from higher authorities a committee was formed under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act 2012 to prevent children from sexual abuses.

            The Protection of children from sexual offences (POCSO) Act was enacted by the Parliament of India and brought into force on 14 November 2012. The need of this Act arose because prior to the enactment of this Act there was no separate or special law dealing with sexual offences against children. The law is applicable to both the sexes, boys and girls below the age of eighteen.

Legal framework of the Act

  1. The act provides protection to children from sexual abuse and prescribes punishment by way of imprisonment and fine for sexual offences against children.

  2.  Any person, having apprehension that an offence is likely to be committed or knowledge that an offence has been committed, is mandatorily required to report the matter under the POCSO Act to the special Juvenile Police unit or the local police.

In pursuant of the Act the CBSE had instructed all affiliated school to adhere to the guidelines specified in the POCSO Act.

As such, during Teacher’s In-service Training Programme, a workshop on POCSO Act was conducted on 7th June 2018 in the school. The main highlights of the workshop are as under:-

  1. The main features of the POCSO Act were highlighted.

  2. Sharing of views and ideas.

  3. Suggestions of measures to be taken.

  4. Formation of 4 member POCSO cell.

  5. Raising awareness about POCSO Act among all the staff members- Teaching and Non-Teaching.


Dr. Shipra Basu- – In-Charge

Members :

  1. Shalinikumari

  2. Sonu lama 

  3. AjitSaikia

  4. Tribenisharma


The school ha a herbal garden that consists of various herbs along with local herbs. The garden consists of about 24 herbs. 


The school facilitates students with library for developing reading habits among the students through books and kindle. The students were also encouraged to write their own books in-order to inclucate in them the habit of creative writing as well.

Play Way Equipment

The school has created a play area with a varieties of fiber play way for the children which includes see-saw, slides and swings.


To be uploaded soon.


To be uploaded soon.

Personal Hygiene

The school has appointed a cleaner and three lady attendants to maintain the cleanliness in and around the campus. The cleaner has been instructed to clean the toilets thrice a day. Students are given training to keep their classrooms and surroundings neat & clean on a daily basis. Use of plastic is banned inside the school campus. Students are encouraged to bring steel copper and bamboo bottles instead of plastic bottles. Different dustbins for throwing wet waste and dry waste have been provided to the students. Use of tobacco products are banned in the school campus. Workshops  are conducted on personal hygiene by nursing assistants and doctors of section hospital on a regular basis. Surprise inspections are carried out by officials  detailed by the Brigade to check the hygienic conditions  and cleanliness of the school compound.

Music & Art

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The school has installed 22 numbers of CCTV camera are placed in each block.

TAeL Facilities

The school has 11 number of Technology Aided Learning classrooms with software of TATA Edge.

Technology Aided Learning is implemented in teaching learning process as it contains visual learning and understanding.

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